As much as I do enjoy finding that perfect INSTAphoto to post, I really thought #candytopia would have had more things for me to play on. Guess you could never tell from my photos. But, it was fun none the less. Spent a lot of time in the "cloud" room, trying to figure out the best way to fly haha. I really want to shout out to ALL the artists, co-founder @jackiesorkin, that put in work to create the candytopia sculptures. That's the one thing that I really havent seen highlighted is the amazing detailed artistry that has been put into these creative candy sculptures. Tons, literally tons of candy to make these non-edible art pieces, hours upon hours of work, and shalack. One of my favorite parts was literally reading about how many hours of work and how much candy it took to make things (how many creatives did this really take?). I spied candy corn, jelly bellies, some of my fave sour belts, strawberry and watermelon gummies, twizzlers... (oh, my other reservation, is that the marshmallow foam pit isn't as soft as I thought it would be. I am biased because I get to jump into a foam pit at @acrosports often cuz I teach those PREK baby gymnasts). Can you believe I only took two pieces of candy home? How Asian do I look? "Throw the glitter on me! Don't throw it on him!" Can someone please just create a #WillieWonkaChocolateFactory now?