Make Home Your Sanctuary


By Christine Joy Ferrer

"He said to me one day, 'Can you believe that this is the home we've created?' / I see vibrant earth colors, crimson reds, shades of golden yellow, orange, brown, forest green, teals and lavenders / plant life all around / the paint on our walls consists of clay, flour and sand, made with our own hands / a project that took about two dozen hands, sharing love and laughter, in exchange for bellies filled with Indian food, burritos and pizza / cork flooring installed by the bond between a father and son / pine shelves, the black walnut wooden table, carved by our carpenter & circus performing friend / three layers of fuzzy blankets on the bed / the sound of water flowing from the fish tank / the hint of my beagle's smell, overshadowed by the aroma of lavender, cedar wood and sage incense / berimbaus on the wall / lots of mirrors, peacock feathers and dried flowers / art pieces by black visionaries / philippine fabrics/ terrariums holding treasures from places travelled / an altar of photos of family and friends / symbols of Orishas & Lwas / crystals in various areas / a library of books / spices and teas / wicker, seashells, dreamcatchers and earth-toned clay vases/ a home blessed / every thing placed with collaborative intention…"

This is an excerpt from something I wrote in a creative writing workshop about impressions of home, hosted by my girl @sammaybaybay, led by pinay storyteller @aimeesuzara.

The other day, I purchased this peacock chair from World Market. As soon as I saw it, I just HAD to have it. Peacocks are one of my favorite animals. Its feathers are even in my logo. Teal is my second favorite color. My first thought was, where the hell am I even going to put it in our small studio space? But, somehow, we made it work. In history, myth, legend and lore, the peacock symbolizes royalty, spirituality, awakening, incorruptibility, protection… So what have you done to make your home, your home? What are some of the tangible things you have in your home that make it your sanctuary? And where did you get it from? Leave a comment! #lifestyleblogger #home #homedesign #homedecor #worldmarket #plantlife #eclectiksol #peacock #sanfrancisco #ilovemydog