April 29th: MOMENT Vinyl Release Party


Ya'll ready? This weekend, Audiopharmacy Prescriptions + Love/Speak Productions
presents, MOMENT, is the first solo project by Audiopharmacy Prescriptions' humble founder, producer, multi-instrumentalist + turntablist, Teao Sense. For those who don't know, Audiopharmacy is a live music ensemble that uses globally infused hip hop to inspire social change.

The album is about the journey of a human soul from birth, finding self, all the way to becoming aware of our interconnectedness and being inspired to selflessly contribute to our universal needs. MOMENT is also an homage to Teao's late grandmother, Grace Wong, and it intricately blends hip hop, house, and Latin genres, to tell a story.

After Teao created the music and storyline, he asked his favorite visual artists to choose a song/concept and create art inspired by this project. What resulted is a collection of art embodying the artists' personal expression and interpretations of these concepts. Teao fused artists' work, the music, self-shot videography, animation, art and other breathtaking imagery for the cinematic production. In collaboration, with Lumenscapes Illumination Media (specialists in live action full-dome film making), MOMENT's partakers to embark on a multi-sensory full dome audio/visual experience.  

"MOMENT Audio-cinema is an infectious auditory journey that spins you around the world, through space and time. From the first 30 seconds to the last, you are infused with bumping beats, timely speeches, planetary sounds, political commentary, and the unique and smooth sound that Audiopharmacy has always brought throughout the years. Take a listen and you will surely become intoxicated." - Alixa, Climbing Poetree

"I would like the world to be a better place, but my intentions are not to force any ideas on anyone. I consider my art to be a contribution to a bigger conversation." - Teao Sense


Sunday, April 29, 2018 | 6:30 pm - 11 pm
A PLACE for Sustainable Living
1121 64th Street, Oakland

SHOP: Moment 12" Vinyl Audio Cinema & Download Card (Clear Gold)

Official Vinyl Release | Viewing/Listening Party | Dinner | Fundraiser | Artist Exhibit | Live DJ Set w/ Special Guests including...

Audiopharmacy Prescriptions
Desirae Harp
Brass Medik (Nick Rous)
Keep Yah Joy
Ras K'dee
Azeem Ward

Hosted by Jewel

SCHEDULE (Subject To Change)
6:30 pm: Doors Open | Art Gallery Open
7:15 pm: Introductions | Intentions | Prayers
7:30 pm: MOMENT Audio Cinema
8:15 pm: Artist talk | Q+A | Future Plans + Support for MOMENT
8:45 pm: Community Dinner w/ Ambient Entertainment
9:30 pm: Live DJ Set w/ Special Guest Performances
11:00 pm: Peace Out + Safe Travels


The MOMENT producers and artists are fundraising $25,000 for seed money to create a feature-length film. Their prayer is that our art can help inspire and activate humanity towards a becoming a more empathetic civilization and to cultivate biosphere consciousness. The concept will be released as a limited-edition picture disk, gold vinyl record, and drop card w/ downloadable audio & visuals. In conjunction with the music - an art series, a comic strip, and visual story board have manifested to visually translate the story, while inviting receivers to find their own personal connection.

Teao Sense

Audiopharmacy Prescriptions is a Bay Area-based, culturally diverse, grass-roots artist collective and independent record label. The AP Collective was officially founded in 2001 when the band grew to include movement artists, poets, journalists, painters, illustrators, photographers, filmmakers, activists, educators, event producers and natural medicine practitioners. The AP Collective believes in the power of love, collaboration, and socially-conscious artistic offerings to support the healing of Pachamama and the unity + harmony of all beings. One Tribe.

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