Note to Self: On Communication


That golden hour at the #PanAfricanFestival yesterday with my love and @acrocannon ... love these two. And, so happy to see a lot of my dance friends. We had such a wealth of good conversations and exchanges. I've come to the realization that people have learned how to communicate very well on social media, and really have perfected ways to reach the masses. But when it comes to relationships that matter, the ones that are right in front of them... no one really knows how to communicate. Think of what could be accomplished if we invested that much effort into all our relationships and practiced communication. It may not always come out right... but damn, the more you try to say, listen, share in-person, your feelings, frustrations, fears, joys, have REAL conversations, and debate, etc. and just do, you're already learning to communicate better... and the more we can build together and figure things out.

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