The UnReal Garden


I've been learning that being by myself and taking time out for self-reflection and self-care is really where it's at. When you're alone, you're not really alone, because you're with yourself.

I took myself to @onedomeglobal to explore this augmented reality (AR) mixed art "Unreal Garden" experience, where art comes to life. I couldn't take photos because you have to wear a headset to see everything, all the holographic content in this high-tech sculpture garden. Featuring 9 visionary artists, a forest landscape with waterfalls, rivers, rocks, plants and trees, animals. This photo is of the entance. At first, I was having a hard time trying to figure out what I was suppose to do with what I was seeing. So my guide through the Unreal Garden is a glowing orb and I am suppose to touch it with my index finger? And then, what exactly is suppose to happen, again?... When I finally figured it out, the plants and animals started moving all around me. I stopped moving for a second and took everything in. I noticed that most people around me were just sitting or walking around and poking at things... I did the same at first. But, I soon realized that it wasn't about sitting and watching. I needed to really interact with the art itself, move with it; use my finger as if it was a paint brush. Get high, crouch low, play around in different angles, immerse myself. Plants glowed brighter, changed color... flowed... And, it was freakin' beautiful and amazing.

Then, it clicked. Just like real life tho, you can't just watch and sit, you gotta move, play, interact, bring your energy... so you too can glow and flow. Create that magic! Cant wait to go back!

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