Lover of ALL THINGS David Rio

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By Christine Joy Ferrer

What ya'll know about sippin on some David Rio, Chocolate Chai with Elephant Vanilla and Almond Milk? This is my #3 spot in the city to get Chai and I am a self-proclaimed Chai Tea connoisseur and lover of ALL things Chai. David Rio's first chai was crafted right here in San Francisco, inspired by India's "chai wallahs" who for centuries brewed chai from black tea and real spices, then added milk and honey. Not only does David Rio use organic spices, but they also support endangered species... contributing to the creation of a healthy product and environment for people, plants and animal. By the way, I also have a big bag of Tortoise Green Tea Chai at home. Haha

While I was visiting friends in Pune, Maharashtra, India a few years back, I chugged down a homemade cup of chai in like two seconds. I remember distinctly that most locals had chai in small doses. Maybe less than six ounces? And I, well, let's just say the elderly Indian woman who kept serving me chai couldn't stop laughing and I smiling at me. By that time, I was on my third or fourth cup in one sitting. She she said in her Marathi native tongue, "How much can this girl drink?" lol Story of my love affair with this centuries-old spiced milk tea. It's also a natural digestive aid. Mmmm nothing like traditional freshly made Indian Masala Chai: black tea, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, sugar, creamy milk, maybe some clove...

Please note that I prefer sweet Chai, and will refuse to go back to a cafe whose Chai sucks. And no, Starbucks doesn't make the cut. Just ask my friends. So what are the other places on my list? And how do I do my ranking? I will definitely have more to say about Chai soon. #chailover #tealover #wellness #davidriosf #chaibarsf #chocolatechai #chai #sanfrancisco #eclectiksol #culture #culturaldrinks #gmofree #organic #healthyliving #tea #moreteaplease #chaitealatte #eatlocal #shoplocal #lifestylebloggers #teabloggersofinstagram oh and thanks boo @tbeta21 for being my regular David Rio date. #instagood #chaibar #davidrio #chaiwithussf #chaieditlovedit #filam #pinayartist